Franciacorta is a hilly area , located at the south of Lake of Iseo . This area is bounded on the east by rocky and morenic hills, on the west by the Oglio River, on the north by the shores of Lake of Iseo and by the Rhaetian Alps. Franciacorta has an incredible prosperity of minerals, that provide a basis for an excellent viticulture.


The wine produced on these hills have always enjoyed a good reputation since ancient times. This is confirmed by the quotations of the Latin classics Pliny the Elder, Columella , Virgil , the treatises of the sixteenth century written by Andrea Bacci and Agostino Gallo. Despite the long history of winemaking of Franciacorta, the wine viticulture starts, to all effects, at the beginning of the 60s. Franciacorta is definitely worth a trip for its wines , but once arrived, you will find much more than the famous bubbles of Franciacorta.


Rows of grape vines , rolling hills , small villages , castles and abbeys, towers , villas situated in green secular parks, distinguish the territory of “Strada del Vino Franciacorta”. It is a very suggestive and full of significant artistic presence territory. Don’t miss the Bornato Castle, the Quistini Castle, Torri Palace and Oldofredi Castle.


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