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Visitors arriving on the Lake of Iseo find in restaurants and speciality shops a tempting assortment of local specialities . Italian typical restaurants, osterie and trattorie, still serve many traditional dishes; those restaurants have mantained their simplicity and serve typical dishes, using ingredients of local production.

The lake gastronomy is particular: from one side we have the typical country cooking, composed of meat and cheese, from the other we have typical fish dishes.

The basis of the traditional diet is “polenta”, a cornmeal mush dish, which is primarily served with meat, fish or cheese; “polenta” may be “pasticciata”, served sliced, fried or grilled. The dough is cooked mostly in the form of ravioli and the local variant is known as “casonsei”.

lonat-copbassoLake fishes are exquisit, especially lake whitefish, perch , sardines , pike and tench. The tench, “la tinca” is a speciality of a little town called Clusane d' Iseo, situated along the lake: the tench gets stuffed , baked and served with polenta.

The sardines are dried in the sun and preserved in oil olive oil. You can also enjoy sardines cooked on the grill , brush with oil and served with polenta. Of great value is the production of extra virgin olive oil , cheese, wine and sparkling wines, first of all the famous Franciacorta Berlucchi , one of the greatest producer in the world (and one of the most famous ones).


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