Enclosed by high mountains that sometimes exceed three thousand meters, this valley has always attracted tourists who love winter sports and history. Vallecamonica, valley of the Rhaetian Alps crossed by Oglio river, rises in Passo Gavia and stretches between the Orobian Alps on the west and the Adamello on the est. Vallecamonica communicates with the Noce valley through Passo del Tonale and with Valtellina through Passo Aprica. It includes two natural parks: Stelvio and Adamello. Four stations for winter sports, Monte Campione, Tonale, Borno and Ponte di Legno have been enriched in the last years. Descending from Edolo and Breno woods and grazings leave the place to the Lake of Iseo, grapes, fruits and ceraels farmings.

World Heritage (UNESCO) not to be missed are the rock carvings from the Bronze Age in the territory of the municipalities of Capo di Ponte, Nardo and Cimbergo.



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